Quinta do Granjal Extra Virgin Olive-oil 


Origin: Portugal

Region: Douro

Varietals :Cordovil, Verdeal, Cobrançosa


Description: Vila flor is known as the “Olive Oil Capital” in Portugal and our olive oil (extra virgin) is produced

using typical varieties (Cordovil, Verdeal

and Cobrançosa) selected from our 40 acres of

olive groves all cultivated in the traditional spacing

system and environmental friendly having hailed several awards.

Taste: Distinctive flavor, fruity, bitter and spicy.







   3L                 5/2 L            0,75L         0,5L


Chemical Characteristics:

􀀀 Acidity (% oleic acid) - 0.2%

􀀀 Index of peroxide (meq O2 / kg) Max -. 20

􀀀 absorbances Max - 2.5



Top ranking "best gourmet olive oils from Portugal" by

Revista Vinhos


garrafao 3l granjal.png